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Pixis for Banking & Financial Services

Instantly dive into customers’ pain points, communicate with them personally, and convert them into happy, life-long, loyal customers.

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Brands Using Our AI Infrastructure

Embrace Our AI Infrastructure For Banking & Financial Services


Conduct instant researches to understand roadblocks your customers face while trying to subscribe to your service.


Deconstruct roadblocks with well-designed content and creatives that your customers can easily understand and interact with.


Interact with your customers on channels that they are most active on with contextually relevant messaging and communication.

How To Get Started

Leverage a full suite of AI-led features to serve and retain your customers better.

Conduct Instant Customer Research.

Know your customers well to serve them better.

Conduct instant research to understand your customers’ problems, what they expect from you, how your competitors are performing, and how to grow and retain your customers efficiently.

Best-in-class features to dive into your customers and deliver excellent experiences.

Cohort-level competition analysis

20+ types of research

Channel-wise advanced segmentation

Brand tracking and perception

Cross-team smart reporting dashboard

Design Relevant & Engaging Creatives.

Talk in a language that appeals to and engages your customers.

After understanding your customers’ roadblocks through research, design engaging communication that solves the roadblocks efficiently. Facilitate seamless sharing of data, designs, ideas, and feedback with your organization and with external agencies.

Enable quick and effortless collaboration with features that enable smart work.

Customer approved creatives

Intelligent creative tagging

Enhanced collaboration

Creative automation

Multi-channel automated resizing

Build Lasting Relationships Through Relevant Ads.

Connect with customers on the platforms that they are most active on. Build loyalty with contextually relevant, informative, and engaging creatives that are sure to catch their attention.

Grab and retain your customers’ attention with these robust features.

Targeting auto recommendation

Ad set budget optimizer

Cross-platform segment-level learning and optimization

Dynamic and auto-segmented creatives

Real-time action recommendation and execution

Analyze, Create, Iterate, And Succeed.

Use our AI efficiencies to conduct a holistic analysis and review of your entire campaign cycle. Access the complete AI learnings and set benchmarks for your business before designing your next successful campaign. Data derived from these analyses can help you customize your marketing strategies better.

Improve your next campaign with these features.

Research panel relevancy map

Auto audience expansion

Custom AI-optimizer models

Cross-channel reporting

Campaign auto-creation based on feedback

Start Building AI-First Teams With Pixis’s AI Infrastructure For Marketing.

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