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Governance AI

Scale Optimum Performance Across Platforms.

Maximize your marketing ROI by leveraging hyper-contextual proprietary models. An all-in-one AI-led governance engine to manage all aspects of your marketing including targeting, campaign optimization, and creatives in real-time.

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Objectives. Overachieved Every Time.

Governance AI, under the hood, houses 10+ proprietary contextual bandits models that enable the shortest TAT for marketing optimization.

Hyper-Contextual Bandits Models.

Optimize multi-dimensional metrics with Pixis’s proprietary Multi-arm Bandits model. Models that have mastered the exploration and exploitation curve.

Accurate Targeting Icons
Cross-platform Spend
Accurate Targeting Icons
Confidence Score-based
Action Ranking.
Accurate Targeting Icons
Shortest TAT of
8 Seconds.
Accurate Targeting Icons
Effortless Model

Metaheuristic Models.

Access models with the shortest train-to-predict time, that predict and prescribe the right plan of action to maximize your marketing ROI.

Accurate Targeting Icons
Engagement Scoring.
Accurate Targeting Icons
Performance Scale
Accurate Targeting Icons
Quickest Learning
Scheme Selection.
Accurate Targeting Icons
Predictive &
Prescriptive Modeling.

Metric Prediction Neural Networks.

Optimize the right metric at the right time with Neural Networks with experts in the loop. Utilize our proven optimization strategies or easily build your own in seconds.

Accurate Targeting Icons
Ideal Metric
Accurate Targeting Icons
Rule-based Custom
Accurate Targeting Icons
Human In The
Accurate Targeting Icons
Action Mapping.

Easy, Fast, and Automated Integrations.

Easily integrate a host of platforms with Pixis AI Optimizer. It’s fast, automated, and needs no third-party installations.

Effortless Cross-platform Optimization. At Scale.

Right from ideal targeting to effective campaign optimization, utilize the power of Governance AI with few clicks.

Contextual Optimization Algorithm Selection

Ideal model selection based on accuracy score and contextual brand and industry data.

Optimum Bid & Budget periodic allocation

Performance-based bid and budget allocation that ensures maximum ROI across campaigns.

Cross-platform spend Optimization

Real-time spend monitoring and optimization across all platforms simultaneously to ensure maximized efficiency.

Targeting & Creative Improvements

Performance-based recommendations to enhance targeting and creative aspects for overall optimization.


Running Efficiency. All-Time Average.

Proven Algorithms Charged With Diverse Data.


Data Points Analyzed


Average Action Frequency Per Asset


Contextual Models


Custom Tactics Created

Beyond Mere Automation

Power of AI-led Optimization, Packed In A Single Click

Explore how Governance AI can transform your business and change how you make decisions.

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