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Season 1 Episode 6 | 19:34

Key Takeaways

TAKEAWAY 1 | 03:18

How UberEats aligns its goals with the business strategy like a pro

TAKEAWAY 2 | 05:37

Customizing campaigns and making well-informed decisions by leveraging data

TAKEAWAY 3 | 06:14

Going beyond simply acquiring new customers

TAKEAWAY 4 | 07:12

Touching upon the ROAS factor

TAKEAWAY 5 | 08:08

Christina talks about measuring the right metric for the relevant campaign

TAKEAWAY 6 | 10:08

Draw qualitative and quantitative analysis to optimize campaigns at scale

TAKEAWAY 7 | 10:38

Indulging in precision marketing to better returns

TAKEAWAY 8 | 11:42

How personalizing experiences to bring users more closer to the brand

TAKEAWAY 9 | 13:09

Performance-based refresh for evergreen campaigns with the help of AI

TAKEAWAY 10 | 14:49

Infusing predictive models & how UberEats manages some of its key use cases

Cristina Hellmund

Chief of Staff & Corporate Strategy at Uber Eats (LATAM)

As the Head of Corporate Strategy & Chief of Staff to the Regional General Manager of Latin America at Uber, Cristina ensures things get done perfectly and well in time. She serves as a strategist, adviser, and facilitator to the broader Delivery Leadership team. The scope is broad and ranges from annual planning and resourcing to organizational design, headcount allocation, and ad hoc projects. My primary tools involve collaboration, communication, creativity, and scrappiness.

  • Staff Management
  • Research & Development
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Team Management & Leadership
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