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Season 2 Episode 3 | 21:55

Key Takeaways

TAKEAWAY 1 | 01:02

Importance of being sensitive while creating a robust B2B consumer funnel in the healthcare industry for delivering individualized experience.

TAKEAWAY 2 | 3:55

Being ‘on-point’ with audience targeting to save unnecessary ad spends while being effective still

TAKEAWAY 3 | 6:36

Engaging with the audiences via interactive and impactful content

TAKEAWAY 4 | 9:37

Implementing unique lifecycle nurturing strategies for reduced funnel drop-offs

TAKEAWAY 5 | 12:58

Encouraging consumers to clock in their health updates for contextual health consultation

TAKEAWAY 6 | 14:22

“Both cadence and content is more of an art than a science because it's different for every consumer.”

TAKEAWAY 7 | 16:17

Emphasizing on precision targeting for maximizing campaign effectiveness

TAKEAWAY 8 | 17:34

Focusing on holistic communication and personalization while being non-intrusive

TAKEAWAY 9 | 20:27

Reducing ad dollars and raising marketing efficacy in the cookieless world

Fred Neil

VP - Growth Marketing & Member Enrollment at Omada Health

Fred is a result-oriented senior executive with 25+ years of demonstrated accomplishments in consulting services.
Over the years he has also garnered ample client-side experience in fast-paced start-ups and established companies. His excellence in strategic planning has helped Fred manage large teams and budgets, consistently producing a YoY surge in revenue growth.
B2C & B2B multi-channel marketing, business development, and strategic planning are some of the divisions Fred has cast a huge impact on, globally.

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • M&A, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Business Development
  • Brand Management & Multi-channel Marketing
  • Product Development
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