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Season 1 Episode 4 | 18:19

Key Takeaways

TAKEAWAY 1 | 2:13

Deep diving into Microsoft's content strategy

TAKEAWAY 2 | 3:14

Understanding the importance of research about what's trending in the market in order to hit right nerve of the customers

TAKEAWAY 3 | 3:53

Leveraging technology to engage with the right set of customers across channels

TAKEAWAY 4 | 4:58

Mapping the right keywords for the right market and communicating relevantly

TAKEAWAY 5 | 6:14

Adding measured ingredients to your 360 degree marketing strategy

TAKEAWAY 6 | 10:56

Testing and optimizing campaigns easily with the help advanced AI models

TAKEAWAY 7 | 13:25

Looking at the right metrics for utmost accuracy

Jazz Leong

Head of Integrated Marketing-APAC at Microsoft

Jazz leads a high-performing marketing team in translating global business priorities into broad marketing strategies and plans. She has a strong track record of driving best practices both within and outside the marketing organization. Jazz brings together extensive years of experience in driving integrated programs with PR and communications and through direct sales, inside sales, and channel functions. Her experience spans cross-discipline in product marketing, segment focus marketing, insights-driven campaign marketing, channel marketing, digital & inbound marketing, and consumer marketing.

  • Integrated Communication
  • Marketing & Management
  • Leadership
  • Demand Generation
  • Regional Marketing & Strategy
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