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Season 2 Episode 8 | 16:31

Key Takeaways

TAKEAWAY 1 | 1:42

Dealing with the challenge of media fragmentation for optimizing audience reach

TAKEAWAY 2 | 3:02

Leveraging ABM as a tool of substance to attract the right customers and increase LTV

TAKEAWAY 3 | 5:35

Listening to your consumers’ feedback to create and deliver the product they want the brands to create

TAKEAWAY 4 | 7:36

Minusing silos in between teams, internally and establishing a seamless and collaborative workflow leads to winning products

TAKEAWAY 5 | 9:23

Being transparent about brand developments and backing promises with deliverables is utmost crucial

TAKEAWAY 6 | 10:24

Relying on technology to retrieve owned data across all touchpoints - conventional and digital

TAKEAWAY 7 | 12:13

Leveraging that data to create precisely targeted campaigns

TAKEAWAY 8 | 13:15

Orchestrating consumer journeys based on vivid cohorts, feedback and historic learnings with the help of AI for research and A/B testing

TAKEAWAY 9 | 14:44

Highlighting the three crucial levers of successful digital marketing

TAKEAWAY 10 | 15:05

Rising above ‘finding the right audience’ as a challenge and focusing on the type of content or strategy that can really impact the audience

Kevin Howard

Executive Director - Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing at Ally

A leader of marketing strategy and digital innovation at the top digital financial services company, Kevin brings to desk future forward thinking to solve complex marketing challenges as the advertising landscape evolves. He’s well versed in Data, Adtech/Martech, and organizational structure with an eye on creativity. Kevin frequently engages with peers and marketing enthusiasts as a speaker who discusses digital transformation passionately and as an advisory member for many industry organizations that are defining the future of advertising.

  • Digital Transformation and Innovation
  • Leadership & Management
  • Data Analysts
  • MarTech Expert
  • Mentor
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