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Season 1 Episode 2 | 31:38

Key Takeaways

TAKEAWAY 1 | 2:53

The 4 G's of a good product

TAKEAWAY 2 | 6.07

AB testing products to build strong UI/UX for contextual usability

TAKEAWAY 3 | 16:04

Zooming into large data points to uplift conversions

TAKEAWAY 4 | 18:20

Enhancing workforce efficiency and data predictability using AI to cement learning gaps

TAKEAWAY 5 | 26:54

Co-creating stellar designs by leveraging AI

TAKEAWAY 6 | 28:40

Implementing chatbots for efficacy vs Bearing higher costs via manual efforts

Ramakant Sharma

Co-founder & COO at Livspace

Ramakant Sharma is the Founder & COO at LivSpace where he's on a mission to transform the way India thinks about interiors. He is an IIT - Kanpur and ISB alumni and so coming from a strong technical background, Ramakant has tasted success in all its forms and levels - be it as a senior technical designer at GE or VP engineering at Myntra. With diverse cross-industry experience, Ramakant understands the nuances of what consumers actually want.

  • Deep Tech
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management & Leadership
  • Software Design & Development
  • Research & Development
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