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Season 1 Episode 5 | 23:48

Key Takeaways

TAKEAWAY 1 | 4:01

Achieving business objectives with a powerful content strategy / Creating a robust content flywheel to meet business objectives seamlessly

TAKEAWAY 2 | 6:21

The idea of analyzing and aligning massive data to meet customer expectations contextually

TAKEAWAY 3 | 10:14

Finding a clean balance between devising strategies that are data-driven and engagement oriented

TAKEAWAY 4 | 12:09

Rob talks about the impact of technology at extends beyond the horizon of basic data management system

TAKEAWAY 5 | 15:37

Shifting focus from top of the funnel and measuring campaign performance in a holistic manner for enhanced scalability

TAKEAWAY 6 | 18:17

How surveying what the customers want to deliver more meaningful communication to the masses quickly and creatively

Robert Schneider

Chief Content Development and Strategy Officer at Learfield IMG College

Robert brings in extensive management experience leading organizations through change and identifying growth opportunities with a focus on strategy. His experience ranges from product management & business, corporate development for data & technology-driven advertising, marketing, and media companies.

  • Operations and Business Development
  • Cross Functional Team Leadership
  • Brand Strategy and Product Marketing
  • Media Analytics and Data
  • Emerging Advertising Technology
  • Transmedia Production
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