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Season 2 Episode 4 | 16:10

Key Takeaways

TAKEAWAY 1 | 3:07

Delivering interactive and personalized marketing in a cookie-less world

TAKEAWAY 2 | 4:34

Implementing advanced and highly-intelligent marketing technologies for a seamless user experience

TAKEAWAY 3 | 5:21

Imparting sustainable product and marketing efficiency education to internal stakeholders for optimum outcomes

TAKEAWAY 4 | 7:21

Empathizing with the need of Investing in evolving technology to meet consumer demands

TAKEAWAY 5 | 8:54

Fostering meaningful and long-term relationships with stakeholders to drive engagement

TAKEAWAY 6 | 10:26

Targeting leads and working on demand generation through data-driven and high-impact campaigns

TAKEAWAY 7 | 11:36

Increasing marketing efficiencies and productivity on the back of AI

TAKEAWAY 8 | 15:02

Setting benchmarks and redefining success campaign-after-campaign

Sanup Pillai

Digital and Technology Strategist at DHL

Sanup is an integrated media planner with 12+ years of experience, and a big-time AI and ML enthusiast. Over the years, he has worked on marketing tasks like strategy, research, insights, client management, media operations, fiscal operations, and project management. His fascination with AI, ML, and blockchain in marketing and advertising has helped him bring several improvements in digital marketing ROIs, drive innovations and automate marketing campaigns.

  • Media Planning
  • Advertising
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Market Research
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