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Season 1 Episode 1 | 28:30

Key Takeaways

TAKEAWAY 1 | 2:30

The importance of being prepared at all times while running a business

TAKEAWAY 2 | 3:53

Understanding gaps in the marketing strategy

TAKEAWAY 3 | 6:09

AI marketing: a powerful tool to empower scalability

TAKEAWAY 4 | 8:16

Staying relevant to the fast paced dynamism of ever changing consumerism

TAKEAWAY 5 | 10:19

3 major pillars of AI in marketing

TAKEAWAY 6 | 12:19

Sudhir Rao touches upon the notion of utilities

TAKEAWAY 7 | 14:28

Re-emphasizing on the force of machine-led marketing for profound growth

TAKEAWAY 8 | 16:19

Utilizing tons of data for accuracy and making informed decisions

TAKEAWAY 9 | 20:15

Testing continually to rebuild and disrupt

TAKEAWAY 10 | 23:29

Improving value structures with personalization

Sudhir Rao

Managing Partner at Celesta Capital

With over 40 years of Enterprise-building experience, Sudhir currently provides venture capital to ScaleUp Transformative Technology companies. He co-built Karvy in the 90's into India's leading shareholder services & retail financial services company. After investing as an angel investor for 12 years in the 2000's, Sudhir founded a cross-border venture capital firm- IndusAge to leverage the Indian ecosystem for technology talent and the India market opportunity to build disruptive companies. He has played an active role as an Independent & Non-Executive Director in building companies like RBL Bank etc.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital & Investments
  • Business Management & Leadership
  • Advisor
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