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June 3rd, 2021

Top 10 PlayBookUX Alternatives

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The quintessence of User Experience is user testing. It might sound like something you can disregard. But 85% of UX issues can be detected by running a usability test on a team of 5 users. These are the same which developers spend more than 50% of their time fixing because companies skip user testing!

There is multiple software in the market that can help you out with this, and one of the major players is PlaybookUX. Some of its popular features are website analysis, prototype creation, user testing, screen recordings and creating user journeys.

But even with all these astounding features, PlaybookUX is not the only software that exists. It is not possible to have a one-size-fits-all Artificial Intelligence Software that suits everyone. And it is quite normal to look for an alternative which suits your requirements the best!

If you are also one of those exploring PlayBookUX alternatives, then read on!


What is PlaybookUX?

PlaybookUX is a user research software tool that helps UX designers in testing a website, prototype or app design with real users and getting feedback from the target demographic.

With PlaybookUX you can,

  • Target the right audience as per your chosen demographic through advanced filters and screeners.
  • Conduct moderated and also unmoderated tests.
  • Create highlighted reels and custom reports.
  • Analyse the results easily.


Why Do You Need an Alternative to PlaybookUX?

Although PlaybookUX is indeed a reliable and easy to use artificial intelligence, sometimes it might just not meet all your expectations. Different teams mean different products and different usage. This automatically implies that there are high chances that one user testing software might not meet everyone’s expectations.

The good news is, there are already some alternatives to PlaybookUX in the market, and we have curated a hand-picked list of the top 10 contenders!


Top 10 Alternatives for PlaybookUX

Here are the top 10 alternatives for PlaybookUX that you can choose from and decide on what suits best for your business and your demands.



You have most probably heard of UserTesting if you are in the field of UI/UX designing. It is one of the most reliable and efficient user research software available in the market. Many top brands around the globe use UserTesting software as a tool to make decisions that are feedback from the customers. It allows you to speak to users and draw assumptions. You can get feedback from the real users and build prototypes or websites or any kind of designs that are more customer-centric.


  • A huge panel of testers
  • Quick and reliable results
  • Wide-ranging feature list


  • Extremely expensive
  • Quality of testers
  • Minimal analytics



Userlytics is taking a position as the commonly used user testing software for remote tests because of its affordable price and outstanding features. It allows you to record the interaction between the user and a website/app/prototype. The picture-in-picture software that is in-built, records the facial expressions and audio of the users while they are seated in a remote test and are interacting with your website. It helps you in analysing how the users react and respond to your product in real-time.

Using this software is an easy task. You don’t require a very complex setup or hardware to get started. Userlytics paves you the path to bring out the pain/frustration points in your website according to the users and lets you make hypotheses as to what is stopping the visitors from becoming regular users in a very quick and inexpensive way.



  • Unmoderated testing
  • Branching logic
  • Face recording
  • Card & tree testing



  • Tags
  • Limited international recruiting
  • Report building
  • Time limits on screen recorder



UserZoom is a full-fledged enterprise-level package of user experience and analytics platform. Along with capturing user interaction it also supports powerful analytical data.

UserZoom has an abundance of features for collecting data on user experience. You can easily test your websites and prototypes and observe users interacting with your website and giving feedback. You can even do market research by comparing your website with that of the competitors and provide UX benchmarking. Its dashboard is full of views, click information and heatmap reports to help you make your website better and better for users.



  • Unmoderated & moderated testing
  • Card sort, tree test, surveys
  • Easily customizable
  • Robust analytics
  • Clips, highlight reels and notes



  • A bit high pricing
  • Report building




Lookback is another tool that records user experience. With its help, you can record the mobile screen or computer screen of the user either remotely or in-house without needing any kind of additional equipment.

The great part of this software is that you can join in the live testing session with the users and ask them questions regarding your website or app and interview them on the go. Most of the other user testing software provides a report or recording of the test that was being conducted but Lookback offers a chance to be with the users doing the live test and interview their hand on.



  • Comprehensive moderated offering
  • You can bring your participants
  • Live notes and chats
  • Clip video sessions



  • Small participant panel
  • Quantitative question types
  • Highlight reel not available
  • Tags
  • Transcription



A customer feedback software that allows you to accumulate user feedback through websites and applications in the form of notes using videos and screenshots. Used by many small enterprises and teams, Userback provides the tools to target the right demographic audience and collect their feedback for creating a more user-friendly product. Save your time by integrating Userback with popular project management software such as Trello, Jira, ClickUp.



  • Easy to use
  • Sharing with internal clients/team is easy
  • Great integration



  • Inability to capture full page screenshot
  • No white label



Making design decisions can be a tough process especially when it comes to a new website or app. You find yourself stuck in questions such as “Where should the navigation bar be? “Which design will people prefer, A or B?” and so on. Don’t worry because this is where UsabilityHub comes to your rescue. It settles all the debates you might have regarding design all at once. It has five different types of test suites that help you in capturing and analysing user’s preferences and making quick decisions.

You just have to upload an image of your UI design or app and provide a task for the users to do and then wait for the results. It provides a report that has heatmaps in it to indicate the places where the users clicked. A five-second test can also be set up to capture the first impression the users have of your design. You can also upload your design on the software and ask the users which one they prefer the most and why.



  • User preference for certain designs
  • Ease of navigation
  • Quick responses
  • Beginner-friendly



  • Video/audio recording
  • Limited test types




A cloud-based user research solution engaged in assisting the product design and development team to do user testing and collaboration. It enables you to store the data occupied through user research, establish a systematic procedure for interviewing customers, convert images, recordings and videos into notes and capture demographic and qualitative data.

You can also easily analyse the data such as survey responses and transcripts, create tags for different projects and use natural language processing tools for sentiment analysis. Team members can search for notes, tags, or insights across various projects and export data in CSV format.



  • Data storage
  • Creation of reports from tool dashboard
  • Easy transcription


  • Not very effective with quantitative data
  • Transcription is not available for all continents
  • Pricing


VWO Testing

Another user testing software that allows you to create and execute different tests such as A/B, Multivariate and Split tests. It is powered by the Bayesian statistical engine, it delivers accurate reports and has powerful segmentation options to help businesses and UX/UI designers make insightful decisions. It helps in the discovery of conversion leaks, understanding user behaviour, conducting surveys, conducting experiments, storing your learnings and engaging with the visitors.



  • Good reporting tools
  • Easy to use UI
  • Live chat
  • Great customer service


  • Pricing is a bit high
  • Training
  • Segmentation can be a bit confusing sometimes



Smartlook is an analytical software used for qualitative user research for web and mobile and helping over 300k businesses of all types and sizes. It helps in finding the answers to the “whys” behind the user actions such as ‘why they are dropping out at a particular page’ or ‘why they are not using that feature’?

Leave the guesswork to Smartlook; use visitor recordings and heat maps to track and understand user actions and the automatic event tracking feature along with the conversion funnel feature helps out in revealing the trends in behaviour. And not just this; along with the numbers and graphical representation, it also tells you the reason why users behave the way they do.



  • Clear report making and insights
  • Easy tracking of users funnelling in and out
  • Easily manage multiple websites from the same account



  • Storage capacity of the cache
  • Not much to use in the trial version
  • Does not connect with google analytics



Hotjar has an abundance of tools that help you in analysing and receiving feedback for your website. It has heatmaps in its software which enables you to indicate the parts which are getting the most clicks and where the users are most drawn towards.

You can even see the recorded mouse trails of users to help you understand how they navigate your site and know when the users drop out of purchase with the help of Conversion Funnels. These can be pretty insightful as the funnels help you pinpoint the weak areas of your website and where the tweaking is required for better results. Hotjar should be a hot alternative in your list of user testing tools.



  • Easy to use
  • Quick customer insight
  • Continuous updating of software



  • Good for web-based projects but not for mobile apps
  • Chat support



It might get frustrating to find a trustworthy and reliable Artificial Intelligence user research software that not only meets your expectations for your project but also fits in your budget. When you are searching for an alternative to PlaybookUX, try to pay attention to not only the functionalities but also elements such as pricing, quality of client support, supported mobile and windows devices and integrations. With extensive research and effort, you will be able to find a solution that fits all the variables you want according to your expectations and that too at an affordable price.

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