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Add An Edge To Your Retail Business With Pixis

Use AI to predict market trends that appeal to your customers, create communication that converts, nurture highly efficient teams, & speed up your growth multifold.

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Brands Using Our AI Infrastructure

Create Outstanding Customer Experiences Using AI Infrastructure


Conduct AI-led instant research to learn what customers expect, understand pain points that disrupt their retail experience, and let them tell you how you can better their engagement.


Leverage AI to build communication that hits the right note with your retail audience. Get predictions and recommendations on what works best with your audience and grow your retail business quickly.


Drive maximum engagement with your retail business through AI-powered campaign monitoring and optimization. Let AI take care of your bids and budgets, leaving you with time to build powerful strategies.

How To Get Started

AI-led features to help you engage, serve, and retain your customers better.

Conduct Instant Market & Customer Research.

Retail businesses need to create strong customer experiences to grow quickly. Use AI to conduct real-time research and get insights into what creates positive experiences for your customers.

Identify your business pain points and diagnose their underlying causes. Improve satisfaction, retention, and build loyalty. Get a complete understanding of your customers with these best-in-class features.

Statistically significant surveys

20+ types of research

20 million+ audience

Cross-team reporting

Live analytics

Design Creatives With Empathy.

Design relevant communication, driven by emotions that connect with your customers. After getting an in-depth understanding of your customers’ personas, generate empathetic communication that appeals to them.

Build retail experiences with lasting impact by leveraging AI capabilities. Enable efficient creativity with features that enable smart work.

Customer approved creatives

Smart creative automation

Smart resizing

Creative workspace management

Communications tools integration

Go Live With AI-Optimized Campaigns.

Leverage AI to ensure your campaigns are achieving the goals set in your media plan. Use AI for pinpoint targeting and real-time optimization and stop-loss early or ramp up on profitable actions.

Let AI do your campaign heavy-lifting while you observe and improve strategy.

Real-time analytics and reporting

Contextual creative triggers

Cross-platform optimization

Outcome predictions

Engagement based creative sequencing

Analyze, Create, Iterate, And Succeed.

Use our AI efficiencies to conduct a holistic analysis and review of your entire campaign cycle. Access the complete AI learnings and set benchmarks for your retail business before designing your next successful campaign. Data derived from these analyses can help you customize your marketing strategies better.

Improve your next campaign with these features.

Research panel relevancy map

Auto audience expansion

Custom AI-optimizer models

Cross-channel reporting

Campaign auto-creation based on feedback

Start Building AI-First Teams With Pixis’s AI Infrastructure For Marketing.

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