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Pixis Insights works in 4 easy steps

All it takes is 4 easy steps to run usability tests that will give accurate insights about your users.

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    Choose a test template

    When you are short on time and want to quickly run tests that deliver accurate user insights, opting for ready-made test templates would be the ideal choice.

    Pixis Insights offers 13 different pre-set test templates that you can deploy instantly to gather user responses.

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    Customize the test

    We understand that not all businesses are alike and each business would like to run usability tests in a customized manner. Pixis Insights lets you customize each test with your own set of questions and workflows that will help you fetch accurate user insights.

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    Build Your Audience

    You can handpick a test audience based on specific demographics like age, gender, occupation, spending habits, and much more.

    Pixis Insights also offers test panelists hand-picked from around the world to give you professional UI/UX recommendations. Additionally, you can also create custom panels to suit your test’s specific needs.

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    Gather insights

    Pixis Insights gives qualitative and quantitative data about your test performance and user interactions. Every user interaction is a data point that tells untold stories about your users, their pain points, their expectations, and how well your product is serving them.

    With Pixis Insights, you can see in vivid detail all the actions that the test audience took and how it aligns with your bigger product ambitions. All the test insights are presented in visual charts that simplify decision-making and product strategy formulation.

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Let user test data guide you

Take a data-drive approach to understanding your users.

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