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June 2nd, 2021

Top 10 Alternatives of UserZoom

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Not impressed with the services of UserZoom? Or do you need more than what it has to offer? Whatever your reasons may be, looking for alternatives and finding the right one can be a truly tricky task. Unless you know all the features of the alternatives, there are chances that you might end up making a wrong decision when it comes to platforms like UserZoom.

UserZoom is a great platform and an in-app to help you improve your business’s digital experience for your employees and customers. However, with the advancement of technology and digitization growing rapidly, plenty of alternatives can give you a better experience and ease your work. Therefore, we have searched the top 10 alternatives of UserZoom that you can try and get great results in 2021!

What is UserZoom?


Before we move ahead with the alternatives, let us first understand what exactly UserZoom is. UserZoom is a software that assists businesses in planning, researching, designing, measuring Customer, User Experience, creating and improvising UX and UI, and carrying out other digital managerial tasks in a cost-effective manner.

UserZoom also allows you to conduct and analyse online research and apply the findings through the features it offers. However, several users have complained of the interface being outdated and reported crashes when using the dual monitors. These are two major reasons for users to resort to alternatives.

Best UserZoom Alternatives


  • UserTesting

UserTesting is a third-party vendor platform that allows users to avail their testing services and get feedback on-demand about any of the selected products or services from the target markets. This can help businesses in rectifying problematic areas and reduce negative user experience.

Services offered by UserTesting can be utilized by UX and UI professionals, marketers, managers (product and e-commerce), search engine professionals, mobile and web app developers and designers, executives, game creators, and entrepreneurs.

UserTesting has an easy sign-up process, and users get tutorials to understand its working before conducting tests. You need not have any legal documents and permits for signing up to the platform, and the process of work is systematized and standard.

Pricing – Users are charged for each test that they conduct through the platform. The prices are decided based on the test’s type and duration and can vary from $3 to $60.


  • Qualtrics CoreXM

Qualtrics CoreXM is a research platform that offers its users customer and market insights through concept testing and takes necessary actions. Qualtrics CoreXM is used by over 11,000 companies worldwide for their business-related decision-making processes.

Qualtrics CoreXM is a platform that assists you in all the management-focused tasks and takes important decisions based on the first-hand experience. The tasks performed include market segmentation, product pricing, and brand tracking.

It eases the way your company works by offering more than 80 integration options with third-party platforms. The AI element of the platform offers statistical expertise, which is built-in and uses automatic advanced survey methods to get better and quicker insights. The safety of the research conduction is ensured through features such as data handling, compliance, governance, and enterprise-level security.

Pricing – Qualtrics CoreXM offers a free subscription, but the features remain restricted in it. For advanced subscriptions, users are recommended to contact Qualtrics Solutions. However, a free trial of 10 days is available for the same.


  • Userlytics

Userlytics is a platform that offers user testing services and allows you to conduct user experience tests on any given digital platform and assets such as sites, prototypes, apps, competitor assets, and more. It makes use of an advanced test creation process as well as an efficient proprietary panel that eases and quickens the process of test creation and getting the results. Tests can be created in a few minutes, and the results can be tabulated in a few hours.

Userlytics allows its users to avail innumerable highlight reels, annotations, testers per session, admins, and several concurrent studies. This is also a unique feature of recording the participant devices’ recording webcam, screen, and audio activities when conducting user tests.

The participation selection can be made through in-app and recruitment pool features offered by Userlytics. The methods it uses to record user responses include texts and notes, video snippets, video and audio interviews, and surveys. The insights are available for sorting and collaboration, and it allows you to further analytical methods.

Pricing – The quick and easy test edition is priced at $49.00. The annual enterprise edition is priced at $69.00. The custom project edition costs $99.00.


  • Usabilla

Usabilla is a feedback platform with over 20,000 users across the globe using it to gather visual feedback from customers. It has an intuitive interface that processes the results in the form of reports. You only need to install their custom feedback button and initiate targeted surveys.

The platform is best for experts in digital marketing and CRO, UX experts, e-commerce platform managers, web developers, designers, and analysts. Its support services include forums and FAQs, email assistance, help desk, call supports, knowledge base, and chat.

Usabilla deploys web-based, SaaS, and Cloud-based services. It can be used on mobile devices like Android, iPhone, and iPad. Its most notable features include multi-channel data collection and negative feedback management. It has an intuitive and knowledge-based dashboard and carries out customer segmentation through predictive and reporting analytics.

Pricing – The pricing for Usabilla begins at $49.00 and offers a free trial of 7 days.


  • Hotjar

Hotjar is a Behavior Analytics software that helps businesses understand the users’ activities on their online platforms. It is much more than traditional web analytics software and helps better understanding user behavior. Companies can accordingly make changes to improve the UX and UI to improve the conversion rate.

Hotjar is one such tool that allows businesses to understand the visitors’ activities by combining quantitative analytics with qualitative feedback. This allows businesses to understand the reasons behind the behavior of the users and visitors.

Hotjar carries out A/B Testing through the process of data analysis. The user behavior is understood by Click Tracking and recording the Mouse Movement. It carries out four major types of analysis: Data Quantification, Mobile device Analysis, Web-page Element Analysis, and Side-by-Side Analysis and offers additional conversion opportunities to business owners.

Pricing – Hotjar has three plans: Basic, Plus, and Business, and the charges vary every month. The Basic plan is free. The Plus plan costs $39.00 per month, and the Business plan costs $99.00 per month.


  • Smartlook

Smartlook is a qualitative analytics software that has helped multiple applications and businesses to understand their user behavior. It has helped over 300,000 businesses of different sizes in multiple industries. They have helped eliminate the guesswork and understand the real reasons why their users behave a certain way.

Smartlook does not come with a complicated setup; it automatically gets activated as soon as you add it. This application offers you four main features – recordings, events, heatmaps, and funnels. It lets you view real recordings of your users’ sessions to understand how they interact with your app or website. On the other hand, the events feature reveals how the users interact with every part of your website – even the pop-up windows and buttons.

User engagement is automatically trackable, and you can check out each visitor or user’s history for any specific period. With the heatmaps feature, you can track where your users scroll and click on your page – even the frequency of the clicks. Heatmaps also let you watch the mouse movements, clicks and form interactions as well.

Pricing – Smartlook comes with four plans and a free trial. There is a free plan, the startup plan at $31 every month, the business plan at $79 every month. There is also an ultimate plan in which you can directly contact Smartlook for customization.


  • Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a comprehensive application and user monitoring solution. It is powered by artificial technology and provides data analysis for the users who want to administer thousands of servers using a single hub effectively. It lets businesses have a data-based and visual understanding of all their users.

It is different because it gives your precise answers and not just data for you to configure.

Dynatrace comes with seven main features: Analytics, Self-healing at scale, vMotions event detection, Discovery, Digital experience management, Visualizing application, and performance management. Dynatrace can help businesses to detect performance and availability issues. It can also analyze application performance across all the layers and technologies.

Dynatrace can easily perform automated hosting for about 100,000 hosts. It proactively works to auto-detect dependencies and anomalies from end to end. It also works proactively to spot the root cause of all the issues. You also don’t have to manually configure any of these features, as they are all pre-configured. This makes Dynatrace very easy to work with.

The only downside to Dynatrace, according to numerous online reviews, is the pricing structure. The pricing structure limits the up-gradation and ultimately limits functionality.

Pricing: It comes with 6 pricing plans according to functionalities, along with a free trial. Application monitoring at $10/month, Digital experience monitoring at $11/month, Infrastructure monitoring at $21/month, Open ingestion at $25/month, Full-stack monitoring at $69/month, and Cloud automation for customizable plans.


  • Mouseflow

Mouseflow is a user behavior tracking and website conversion tool. It helps you to boost conversion by monitoring the user conversion on your website. It helps you to understand why some users abandon your website or at what point do they lose interest in your content. It can also tell you why they hesitate to sign up for a free trial of your website.

Mouseflow comes with seven main features: Session replays, Bug identification. Heatmaps, Funnels, Custom surveys, Detailed reporting, and analytics. Session replays showcase a recording of all kinds of user behaviors with user details. It also gives you mobile tracking with gesture detection along with frustration monitoring.

The Javascript error tracking feature helps track all the bugs users encounter (even if it is not noticeable to them). The heatmaps tell you everything about users’ clicks, movements, to frequencies. This helps to identify what aspect of your website they engage the most with.

Conversion funnels track user journeys throughout, which helps identify what went wrong if a user drops out. You can also create highly targeted and customized surveys with Mouseflow to obtain feedback. It also gives you detailed reporting with an overview of website traffic, and the analytics show you user trends and historical analysis.

Pricing: Mouseflow comes with four plans: Free plan, Starter plan at $24 per month, Growth plan at $79 per month, Business plan at $159 per month, and the pro plan at $299 per month.


  • LogRocket

LogRocket is a front-end monitoring and product analytics solution that analyzes user performance. It makes use of session replies, performance monitoring, and detailed analytics to track bugs and discrepancies in your website. It also helps you in identifying other reasons that affect conversion, customer retention, and engagement.

LogRocket, as mentioned, comes with five main features: Session replay, Frontend performance monitoring, Product Analytics, Error tracking, and management, and User experience analytics. The session replays feature lets you replay every recorded user session, which lets you study user behavior more keenly. It also helps you to make better product decisions and better improvements.

The frontend performance monitoring feature helps in correlating frontend performance with business impact. Everything from page loading time to browser caches to the impact of website performance on engagement and conversion rates. Similarly, product analytics help you understand every aspect of your product from a user perspective.

Pricing: LogRocket comes with three plans: The developer plan is free of cost; the team plan is $99/month, and you can get custom pricing with the professional plan. Hence, it is more cost-efficient than some of the other alternatives.


  • FullStory

FullStory helps businesses understand, measure, and improve their users’ digital experience across their websites and applications. It provides you with a full recording of every user’s session, and the search function helps find a specific user group and understand how they engage with your content. It also helps you identify the frustration points of the users and where they lose interest.

The full story offers digital intelligence to businesses which gives them a competitive edge over their competitors. It helps understand the important pathways users take and how they can strategically place offers and incentives to convert them into customers.

It also gives them trusted insights for smart decisions. FullStory combines rich analytics, robust session details, and collaboration tools to help you understand issues, answer questions, and then put the knowledge to work.

Pricing: FullStory comes with two plans along with a free trial. They have a business and enterprise plan as well, and you can contact them to get customized pricing.


Not all the user testing software fit everyone’s requirement profile, and not all have to! User testing is an integral part of product development, and you get to choose which software is best for testing your product’s user experience! We hope that our list of the top 10 alternatives of UserZoom helped you out. Feel free to add your favorite tool in the comment section below!


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