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June 10th, 2021

Top 10 Virtual UX Conferences & Events you can attend in your sweatpants!

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The events of the past year lit the spark for large-scale virtual events and the transition to online mode is gaining even more momentum in 2021. Current predictions indicate that the trend will continue with full force well into 2022.

The modern world has embraced the new normal with open hands. So, although you won’t be flying in cramped planes, you will still be able to connect and network with designers from across the globe. Unlike last year’s impromptu revisions, this year’s digital formats are designed to foster a sense of community and enhance diversity.

Why are virtual conferences gaining more popularity?

Over the last few years, virtual conferences’ appeal has been on the rise owing to accelerated digital transformation incentives. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has subsequently made them an absolute necessity. Interactive sessions led by professionals have seen the biggest responses in terms of participants. Despite the limitations of in-person socializing, virtual conferences are bound to take over their offline counterparts in the near future.

In instances where face-to-face meetings are not possible, virtual meetings are a terrific alternative with some distinct advantages. These include:

  1. Virtual implies global – Access to physical events is limited for most panelists and attendees due to travel time and economic constraints. Virtual modes eliminate the need to travel and budget for hotel accommodations. With virtual events, there are no planes to catch, no constraints on where you may go, no visa hassles, and no leaving your job or family. Moreover, speaker diversity is considerably larger. Also, the ability to pre-record null time zone concerns.
  1. Cost-effective – Not only do virtual events save hours, but they can also save expenses. A virtual event minimizes any other costs such as hotel rooms, dining bills, and so on, leaving you with simply the registration price to pay. Virtual event tickets also allow any firm to send a larger number of employees to the event. Being able to watch the recorded sessions later is always a delight.
  1. Flexibility – Remote work and learning opportunities to make your living room into a conference room, virtual events provide immense flexibility. Virtual conferences eliminate the need for conflicting “speaker tracks” that force attendees to select between sessions, and attendees may often access pre-recorded information. You can balance your job, study, and family obligations by accessing pre-recorded sessions whenever it is convenient for you.
  1. Networking – Networking is crucial to change life for the better. Virtual conferences make it easier to do so than in-person events. This implies that sharing and connecting with the professionals from your niche virtually but more effectively. Plus, it gives a one-to-one feel sometimes because you are looking at the speakers so closely.
  1. Interaction – You no longer need to be in a large conference hall with hundreds of people to accomplish self-growth with virtual events. Through the discussion and Q&A sessions, you can now motivate, learn, and share expertise. You can motivate, learn, and exchange knowledge with industry professionals and get precise, individualized insights using live SMS, voice, and video chat.


The top 10 virtual UX events and conferences




UXDX EMEA will be a hybrid UX conference involving a Dublin gathering and online registration. The conference’s underlying concept is to assist product, design, UX, and development teams collaborate and rapidly build better products. There will be more than 50 presenters at the conference.

The conference is set to happen from October 6 to October 8. The event’s main theme is to create awareness of the difference between a project and a product. They believe that there’s a better way of building. While the speaker list is still being compiled, some of their first speakers are Steven Collins, Richard Dalton, Nadia Udalov, and others.

The event is set to showcase the leading practices that teams are implementing worldwide to produce better products. You can expect discussion on the difficulties and how to assist employees in seeing beyond their silos to gain a systems perspective on product delivery.

#DesignUpForACause 2021 (Online)

In response to India’s second COVID-19 wave, #DesignUpForACause is a fundraising design conference. Between June 11 and 20, 2021, the event will be conducted for six days over two weekends (Fridays to Sundays). 36 speakers worldwide will give 39 sessions of presentations, panel debates, 4x4s, and faux-fireside chats.

DesignUp is a convention and a fast developing platform for and; designers, product creators, and thought-leaders in India and Southeast Asia. DesignUp is a volunteer-led and community-led initiative.


POLISHOPA Design Thinking Conference 2021 (Online)


POLISHOPA 2021 is a three-day virtual convention set to occur from September 20 to September 22. The schedule is two days of lecture presentations and one day of workshops. The conference on Service Design, Design Thinking, Customer Experience, and User Experience is in its eighth year. Through research articles and case studies, presentations, and discussion panels hosted at the end of each day, you can expect to learn from global design thought leaders.

POLISHOPA is a knowledge-sharing network for leaders and managers, experts in the design and R&D areas, Consumer Experience practitioners, User Experience practitioners, organization change executives, SME sector advocates, and instructors.


UX Day


The premier event for customer experience, user experience, and experience marketing in Germany is UX-DAY 2021. This is where top-tier international speakers from Google, Microsoft, and Adobe come together to learn, discuss, and network.

Each year, UX-DAY brings user experience specialists and others interested in the digital business to Mannheim for a mind-blowing schedule of engaging talks. It will be a virtual event in 2021, with a conference, masterclass, workshop, and free open conversations online.

The UX-DAY conference will be held on October 14th and 15th, 2021. Exciting talks from top worldwide speakers and practitioners with a wealth of specialist information, practical insights, and inspiration are on the horizon.


Savvy UX Summit 2021 (Online)


The Savvy UX Summit 2021 is a three-day event that features insightful keynotes from industry professionals from over 12 major firms. You will be able to connect with 2,000 UX practitioners from across the world and gain access to all video recordings if you purchase a complete summit ticket.

The summit’s topic this year is “Beyond the Product.” Customers nowadays evaluate products and services based on more than simply price and functionality. The entire experience is crucial. This is about more than just the goods.

It has become critical for businesses to give the greatest possible experience. To do so, you must first understand your client’s wants and preferences. 2021 will be a watershed moment for companies looking to expand beyond their product offerings.

The conference is set to take place from September 17 to September 19. UXTesting Inc., the conference’s organizer, is a leading User Experience (UX) analytics and insights organization dedicated to assisting businesses in providing a better customer experience.




HCI International 2021 will be organized and administered as a virtual conference, with associated Conferences, under the auspices of 21 prestigious international boards, held under one management and one registration. HCI: Human-Computer Interaction and HIMI: Human Interface and Information Management will be the conference’s thematic areas.

This is the 23rd international conference on Human-Computer Interaction, from July 24 to July 29. Professor Michitaka Hirose would give the keynote speech from the University of Tokyo. The conversation topic will be “Advances in VR Technology and the Post-Coronavirus Society”; scheduled for July 24.

A prize will be granted to the best paper from each HCII 2021 Thematic Areas / Affiliated Conferences. A prize will also be given to the finest extended poster abstract.


UX Australia


UX Australia 2021 is a four-day conference set to occur from August 24 to August 27 2021. The event is devoted to everything related to user experience, design, and more! From Tuesday to Friday, the event schedule for 2021 will comprise conference presentations in the mornings, followed by practical workshops in the afternoons.

While the conference will remain primarily focused on UX, we want to incorporate lectures on related design topics! UX Australia 2021 will be a hybrid event, with the main event taking place in Sydney and a live webcast through Zoom Webinar. Local and international speakers will continue to deliver on themes and ideas relevant to seasoned practitioners and newcomers.


EPIC 2021


EPIC2021 is the world’s largest conference on business ethnography. The event is set to happen from October 18 to October 21. EPIC2021’s theme Anticipation looks at how our labour records, anticipates and creates its futures. Their research, design, and strategy activities create landscapes of possibilities daily. How can we comprehend people, interpret wants and needs, drive change, and navigate risks as we try to comprehend people?

EPIC is a non-profit membership organization, global community, and annual conference dedicated to supporting ethnographers’ professional development, learning, and leadership. EPIC members come from various backgrounds, including business and consulting firms, governments, universities, design schools, non-governmental organizations, and research institutes.


ProductCamp 2021


Product Camp 2021 is a two-day online conference from September 14 to September 15; everyone involved in product development includes UX designers, managers, researchers, and growth hackers. Listen to other product professionals’ tales, lessons, and project insights. Choose from 50+ sessions taking place in 6 virtual rooms at the same time.




Clarity is a conference on design systems that focuses on how designers collaborate. They offer tools and guidelines that may be used to scale across a growing range of devices, platforms, and goods. True success, however, occurs when individuals come together around the same goal, and language is their main belief system.

The three-day event is going to take place from October 27 to October 29. Diverse design, development, and product views come together to allow more individuals to participate in the debate. At Clarity, this is what they are striving for. The main aim is to improve attendees’ abilities through various methods, including multi-faceted inclusion, empathy, technology, creativity, and cooperation.

Sessions will cover various topics, including tools and standards that apply to all platforms and products and different viewpoints on inter collaboration in engineering, design, and development.




UX conferences and events help you find your sweet spot in the UX market while helping you stay on top of recent developments in the industry. They are the perfect pit stop to get answers to all your queries and an excellent platform to share your own expertise and insights.


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