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Rosie Montalvo

Head of BDR, Global

“About 6 months ago, the universe granted me the wonderful opportunity to join Pixis - how it all worked out was truly kismet. The BDR team was non-existent, and they were looking for a leader to create the team from scratch; it was a chance I had been waiting for my entire career. Within 2-3 weeks, I was well-versed on the product, the industry, and the challenges we were solving for enterprise brands like DHL and Coca-Cola. I quickly realized that not only was the team very welcoming and extremely talented, but we also provided a product that I had never encountered before working in the mar-tech space. Today, my team has since expanded to 5 BDRs, with Pixis on a fast track to dominate the market globally. It's a very exciting time to be here if you're looking to join the fun!”

Rishi Dutta

Head of Performance

When you combine the best minds in the performance marketing and AI industries, you get amazing people I get to work with, at Pixis. Two years of helping brands unlock the power of AI-driven marketing has helped me build and nurture a robust team of performance and AI marketers. Working with global teams can be challenging, but Pixis made it so that our transcontinental team feels like a family who is just a phone call (or slack message) away.

Todd Kilpatrick

Sr. Director Business Development

At Pixis, I have the opportunity to lead a team that is passionate about delivering innovation and growth through AI to our clients. In my 2+ years here, I've been able to travel and network with a pan-industry clientele. Building my team from the ground up was exciting, and it's only getting bigger and better from here. If you are interested in taking your sales career to the next step, please reach out to me to discuss joining our global sales/BD partnerships teams!

Sakshi Choudhary

CEO's office - New Initiatives

8 months of strategizing on new initiatives from Pixis' CEO's office has truly been a gold feather in my cap. I help in enabling creative generative AI for brands and revolutionalize the way brands create advertisements, and the lessons I've learned are worth telling. I've been able to liase with a diverse set of people working towards a common goal, and it's truly mesmerising to see the whole team in action. Join us and be a part of disruptors in the AI space.

Mahima J Patel

Associate Data Scientist

I began my career with Pixis about 2 years ago, and the journey from intern to Associate Data Scientist has been nothing short of remarkable.The supportive work environment was immediately apparent to me, and the guidance I've received from my colleagues has aided my professional and personal growth. During my time here, I've had the opportunity to work on challenging projects and contribute to the company's industry-disrupting solutions.To the aspiring Data Scientists out there, this is the place to be if you want to make an impact.

Celebrate Diversity With Us

We celebrate diversity and are committed to building a culture where everyone is recognized for their contributions and efforts. We take pride in every one of our employees and are extremely proud of having built a community that supports, encourages and cheers each other on.

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