Unlock Your Performance Marketing Capabilities with AI

Effortlessly Optimize Cross-Platform Performance at Scale

Effortlessly Optimize Cross-Platform Performance at Scale

Achieve the highest ROI across your campaigns through AI-led bid and budget allocation and cross-platform spend optimization. Enjoy the quickest TAT for marketing optimization, made possible with the assistance of 10+ proprietary ML models.

Seamlessly Monitor Cross-Platform Performance on a Single Dashboard

Seamlessly Monitor Cross-Platform Performance on a Single Dashboard

Discover performance metrics like never before, with an AI-powered dashboard that efficiently monitors and actively optimizes cross-channel performance. Get a powerful birds-eye view of your marketing efficiency.

Actively Battle Creative Fatigue

Actively Battle Creative Fatigue

Generate captivating static and video assets instantly with AI, tailor-made to appeal to your target audience personas. Increase engagement and scale effectively through auto-rotation of creatives based on live campaign performance data.

Continuously Get Accurate Data-Driven Audience Recommendations

Continuously Get Accurate Data-Driven Audience Recommendations

Identify and scale the right audience personas with round-the-clock targeting adjustments. Get niche-level audience suggestions based on live campaign feedback and sharpen your targeting with each subsequent campaign.

Instantly Experience Performance Improvements

Instantly Experience Performance Improvements

Easily integrate a host of analytics, attribution, CRM and design platforms with Pixis AI. Observe rapid and consistent gains in performance as the AI continuously learns from your data. It’s fast, automated, and needs no third-party installations.

Real-time Results with an AI Infrastructure


CAC Reduction


ROAS Improvement


CTR improvement


lesser spend on audience
testing and fine-tuning

What Our Customers Say

“We were able to move our one-month working plan of performance optimization to one day through the Pixis AI infrastructure.”

Timothee Basquin - Chief Marketing Officer, Klar

At Carsome we have diverse campaign goals - to increase brand awareness, optimize audience growth and to tap into new channels; all of which we could accomplish with Pixis.

Bharat R - Head of Digital Marketing, Carsome

Looking under the Hood

Orchestrate data-driven actions across your marketing efforts with Pixis' hyper-contextual codeless AI infrastructure.

Targeting AI

Leverage neural networks to identify, expand, and convert audiences based on real-time brand engagement, user behavior, and market trends through predictive analysis. Identify new cohorts and scale proven ones with ease.

Adaptive Clustering Models for identifying the most relevant cohorts.

Maximize ROAS, by targeting the right audience, at every level, at the right time.

Semantic Mapping NLP Neural Networks to cluster new audiences

Identify new targets based on their interests and behavior.

Proprietary Scraper Models to tap into niche cohorts

Improve ROI by identifying niche cohorts through sentiment analysis of audience keywords.

Unified audience manager for tracking and analyzing insights

Access a repository of saved and published audiences under one place. View, modify, schedule, pause, and publish audiences based on requirement in just a few clicks.

Creative AI

Implement Generative AI models to augment creative capabilities, enabling automated persona-specific creative and communication delivery across platforms. Generate and scale high-fidelity video and static assets, and cut creative turnaround time in half.

Generative Neural Networks for identifying creatives that work

Maximize ROI by finding and scaling the most resonating creatives with your audience.

Text generating Hyper-Tuned GPT3 models for auto-generating text

Boost CTR by automatically generating text variants based on engagement and context.

Recommendative Self-evolving Models for creative feedback

Monitor CTR exhaustion and get recommended better creatives based on live campaign data.

Performance AI

Deploy proprietary AI models that maximize ROAS by distributing better decisions across marketing channels with automated bid and budget pacing. Stabilize CAC, mitigate the impact of short-term fluctuations and seasonality with predictive modeling, and much more.

Multi-arm bandit models for rapid experimentation

Get real-time insights on what works for your brand’s targeting, creative and performance marketing.

Bid-and-budget models for spend optimization

Enjoy unprecedented CAC reduction, improved brand awareness and superior cross-platform spend optimization.

Proprietary Metaheuristic Models for seasonality-based fluctuations

Achieve maximum ROI with the shortest train-to-predict time that lays out the perfect strategy for multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Codeless AI simulator for KPI optimization

Optimize all the right metrics at the right time by leveraging the right trends with customized ML models that require no coding expertise.

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