4 Advanced UI/UX Tips For The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

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Expecting users to know your products as well as you do is like expecting a house guest to know their way around your home without any prompting. And users wouldn’t stand even a shred of confusion. They won’t make an effort – that’s a fact. In fact, according to research, 88% of users won’t return to your website if they find it difficult to use.

To assess your product or website’s design, usability, and functionality, you need real customers to give you feedback while they try to perform different tasks. UI/UX testing is a quick and easy way to find the usability of your product.

A set of users visit your website for the very first time and try to accomplish a task. This unlocks invaluable insights into the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your website. Designers, based on this feedback can improve the areas where users struggle and take inspiration from the components that worked well with the users.

According to the Interaction Design Foundation research, every one dollar invested in UI/UX testing results in a return of $100 – an ROI of 9,900%. Imagine the return when the same tests are carried out in a competitive framework. UI designed based on this strategy can really work as a brand differentiator.

We have come up with 3 ways you can step up your UI/UX testing a notch to gain the competitive edge.

Competitive Analysis

If you are conducting UI/UX testing, chances are that your competitors are doing it as well. There’s only one way to find out which one’s better – competitive analysis. Be it your website, your product, or just a prototype, a competitive analysis opens doors to find and fix things that could break your consumer experience. Design-wise, function-wise, or just CTA placements – every little detail can be optimized to give you the competitive edge. Most brands carry out these 2 comparison tests:

Website Comparison Test

A website comparison test is carried out to understand your website’s overall health compared to your competitors’ websites. The test is a benchmark against the competitors’ websites to provide a comparative analysis of the functional and design aspects of the website. This comparison also aids the brands in determining where they fall short when it comes to providing a better user experience.

Benefits of Website Comparison Test

a. Identifies key lagging areas compared to competitor websites.

b. Enables discovery and development of new ways to showcase products.

c. Saves time for both brands as well as customers.

d. Enhances users’ experience.

App Comparison

An application comparison test is carried out to highlight the improvements in your application that can provide your brand a competitive advantage. Design signatures, functionality parameters, content, and technological aspects- each factor is tested to highlight the potential issues which could be worked upon. Along with this, brands can utilize the elements that prove beneficial for them and drive a better conversion rate.

Benefits of App Comparison:

a. Identifies key lagging areas as compared to competitor apps.

b. Enables to explore better ways to showcase products.

c. Saves time for both brands as well as customers.

d. Enhances users’ experience.

Statistically Accurate User Groups

To get the most out of the usability tests, it’s crucial to have a representative group of users. A group of users with varying demographics and geography ensures that your website or product is usable by people from all walks of life. They don’t necessarily have to be your users, they could be your potential users or even ex-users. This can shed light on the reasons why a particular group of people would choose competitors’ products over your product or website.

AI-led Analysis of Video Reviews

Watching users while they perform certain tasks on your website is a great way to find out if they are feeling lost or confused at any point in time. Video recordings of consumers using your product also work as solid convincing proof for designers to go back and change the bits that aren’t working.

It’s not about ‘I think we should change’, it should be about ‘users have told us we should change’.

Analyzing these videos and audios for hundreds of users can be challenging for a handful of designers. AI can be utilized to analyze these videos and highlight the underlying emotions of the users. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), machines can understand how satisfied or unsatisfied are users with different aspects of the website. This analysis is real-time and saves huge amounts of time and money for stakeholders. So rather than waiting for months to analyze all the feedback and coming to the conclusion, designers, backed with AI, can get answers to all their questions in no time.

Precise AI-led Response Delivery

Organizations that don’t have the budget or resources for conducting full-fledged UI/UX testing, generally go for testing with just 5 users. They also set certain user criteria for those researches. But these short tests are only effective when their respondent quality isn’t compromised.

With AI, organizations can ensure the highest quality of respondents that are perfect for the survey requirements. Not just that, AI can constantly keep a quality check on the 5 respondents so that only the most relevant users are recommended for any research. This means insights from the most relevant audience that can create an impact.

Research That Creates Impact

UI/UX testing is important, and there’s no denying it. However, to get the most out of the testing, it’s crucial to find the right audience, show them the product in the right way, and analyze the feedback accurately. The objective is simple – to make things as user-centric as possible, the execution is where brands can differentiate themselves.

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