Cross-Platform Performance Marketing & How AI Can Help

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Introduction: The Necessity of Cross-Platform Performance Marketing

The age-old wisdom advises, “Don’t place all your eggs in one basket.” In the expansive realm of online marketing, concentrating solely on one platform equates to trusting a singular basket’s stability. Those well-versed in digital strategy recognize the importance of cross-platform performance marketing. This approach involves leveraging multiple platforms to amplify outreach, mitigating the inherent risks associated with a platform’s unpredictable changes.

The current digital arena reveals unique challenges associated with cross-platform performance marketing, often causing marketers to pause or delay their transition to multifaceted platform strategies. Below, we dive into some of them and provide the solutions for the same.

Deep Dive into Diversification Challenges

Let us take you through some of the challenges that you may face while marketing across platforms:

Platform Familiarity: Venturing into new online advertising platforms can be intimidating. The task of pinpointing a fresh audience, discerning their behavioral patterns, and crafting impactful advertisements to engage them presents a formidable challenge. Even with a semblance of familiarity with the platform, setting up your ad account or campaign structures mandates a thorough consolidation of data to achieve efficient optimization. This process can feel overwhelming, especially when ensuring that each campaign aligns with the platform’s specific nuances, audience expectations, and key performance indicators.

Resource Allocation: Resource allocation in digital marketing presents a conundrum that every marketer grapples with. Distributing a budget optimally across a multitude of platforms demands precision and foresight. While each platform has its unique strengths and audiences, they unfortunately operate in silos. This disconnection means there’s no automatic synergy between them, turning allocation and subsequent adjustments into a manually tiring process. Analysts must navigate through each platform, decipher data, and adjust spending manually — all while ensuring funds aren’t drained on non-performing platforms or during off-peak times. It’s this constant manual intervention that can strain teams and put ROI at risk, highlighting the importance of mastering this conundrum.

Branding Consistency Across Platforms: Imagine crafting the perfect video ad for YouTube, only to realize it doesn’t resonate on Instagram or TikTok. Tailoring content to fit each platform’s nuances while maintaining a consistent brand voice is a formidable challenge. Moreover, every platform draws a distinct demographic. Reaching out effectively without compromising the essence of your brand message becomes an intricate dance.

Data Integration & Silos: Every platform boasts of its analytics, offering insights into campaign performance. However, deriving a comprehensive strategy from isolated datasets is cumbersome. The real challenge lies in integrating these diverse analytics to gain a clear, holistic perspective of the overall campaign performance.

The Unpredictable Nature of Platforms: Remember the last time an unexpected change in the Google Ads algorithm threw your campaign metrics off balance? Or when Meta Ads introduced a new feature that required a rethinking of your strategy? Such unpredictabilities emphasize the dangers of heavily leaning on one platform.

As we grapple with the evolving nature of platforms and the jigsaw puzzle of data, AI unfolds a new chapter in digital marketing, turning these challenges into a tapestry of opportunities.

AI: The Game Changer for Performance Marketing

In performance marketing, the transformative power of AI is undeniable. One of our customers, a leading brand in the fashion industry, reported a 36% reduction in CAC, a 69% surge in ROAS, and a 60.34% uplift in CTR, after deploying AI to increase campaign effectiveness and acquisition team efficiency.

AI has the unique ability to transform challenges into opportunities in myriad different ways depending on the type of solution you purchase. Here are some of the efficiencies AI brings to cross-platform performance marketing:

Automated Learning & Platform Mastery: AI tools, particularly those purpose-built for the digital landscape, are intricately designed to grasp and master various platform tools swiftly. These advanced AI solutions consider the challenges of platform familiarity right from their inception. Rather than enduring the cumbersome process of weeks-long manual adjustments, these AI products come equipped to seamlessly adapt to a variety of platforms or changes. The result? Campaigns that don’t just stay afloat but thrive in efficiency and effectiveness. It’s not just about automation; it’s about smart, context-aware automation that understands the nuances of different platforms.

Cross-platform bids and budget allocation: No more guessing games. AI’s advanced predictive models analyze past performance and current trends and even forecast future outcomes. This ensures optimal distribution of budget and resources across platforms. Pixis’ AI goes a step further and provides a single dashboard view of the historical performances of campaigns across platforms.

AI-driven Communication Consistency: One of the most challenging aspects for brands in the digital age is maintaining a consistent voice across various platforms while still resonating with each unique audience. Enter AI. With its capability to sift through and analyze copious amounts of data, AI pinpoints the best-performing creatives and formats across different platforms. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, armed with these insights, brands can craft communication that remains unwavering in its core messaging but is attuned to the specific nuances and preferences of each platform’s audience. In essence, AI ensures that while the medium might change, the brand’s essence remains undiluted and consistent.

Data Consolidation & Analysis: AI shines brightest when it comes to handling vast datasets. As an unbiased collaborator, many marketing AI tools allow the integration of a variety of data analytics tools, ensuring objective and result-focused strategies. It’s all about how every marketing platform at your disposal can work together to help you maximize overall campaign success and bring the highest ROAS and ROI.

Adapting to Platform Changes with AI: Although AI can’t foresee specific modifications like algorithm updates in Google Ads or new introductions in Meta Ads, its prowess is evident in its swift adaptability. AI empowers brands to quickly understand and adjust to daily performance variations, ensuring campaigns maintain their potency and efficiency amidst unforeseen platform alterations.

Diversity in the digital realm isn’t just a strategy; it’s survival. And while the ride has its bumps, with AI in the passenger seat, you’re not just surviving; you’re thriving.

Pixis’ Cross-Platform Mastery

At Pixis, we understand the importance and the essence of cross-platform marketing. Our distinct features include:

Cross-Platform Budget Redistribution: By evaluating your total marketing spend across diverse platforms, CPBR intelligently redistributes budgets, ensuring that every dime spent results in optimized costs and amplified results.

Creative Rotation: The digital audience craves novelty. Serving the same visual or message can lead to ad fatigue, causing engagement rates to plummet. To tackle this, Pixis’ Creative Rotation solution continuously revamps your Ad library for any given Adset. By periodically rotating Ads grounded on performance metrics such as Fatigue, Cost Per Response (CPR), and Engagement, our product ensures that fresh and resonating content is consistently served, captivating new audiences and retaining the existing ones.

Budget & Bid Optimization: Placing your bets right can make all the difference. For a defined spend on any platform, our budget bid optimization tool is your knight in shining armor. It doesn’t just stop at suggesting an optimal budget but delves deeper to recommend the most strategic bid. The objective? To seamlessly align with your desired cost and scalability goals.

Cross-Platform Reporting: The ability to have a bird’s-eye view of your campaigns across multiple platforms can be a game-changer. With Pixis’ Cross Platform Reporting, we demystify data and serve it on a silver platter. This unified dashboard displays key metrics across platforms, offering insights and clarity, making decision-making swifter and more effective.

From navigating platform quirks to future-proofing campaigns, AI’s got your back. But add Pixis to the equation? Now, that’s digital dynamite!

How AI-led marketing can help you hit your goals?

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