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A lot has happened in the last few weeks in the world of AI. We suddenly found ourselves witnessing public oustings and returns that we were completely unprepared for, however, amidst all this the show must go on.  And so we bring to you some updates and developments that may have gone unnoticed.

And just in case you’re wondering how you can get hold of all the news, we bring you these bite-sized updates:

88% of marketing professionals are harnessing the power of AI!

Regardless of the level of adoption, 88% of marketing professionals are using AI, according to research conducted by Kaltura, a video experience cloud firm. The respondents belonged to diverse roles ranging from CMOs, VPs, and Directors of Marketing in various industries based in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Italy.

AI is being used by 88% of marketers!
Some more stats from the data collected by Kaltura’s research.

Research finds that emotional cues improve LLMs’ performances

A new study indicates that Large Language Models such as GPT-4 can perform better when users express emotions such as urgency or Stress. Dubbed EmotionPrompts, the prompts incorporated with added emotional cues can lead to more effective and responsive AI performances in tasks ranging from grammar correction to creative writing.

Researchers develop an AI that can design robots from scratch!

A team led by Northwestern University researchers has developed a model that can intelligently design robots from scratch in seconds, a process that is being termed as ‘instant evolution’ by some experts. Not only is it fast, but also runs on a lightweight computer without any human-labeled, bias-filled datasets!

AI-powered robot chemist finds a way to generate oxygen, on Mars

An AI-powered robot chemist used meteorites found on Mars to synthesize compounds that can generate oxygen from water. This means that astronauts won’t have to carry oxygen and other oxygen-producing materials all the way from Earth, making manned missions highly cost-effective.

AI can now generate oxygen on Mars!

This gen-AI-based algorithm can predict future pandemics

A new AI algorithm called EVEscape, developed by Harvard University, is being hailed as a machine ‘oracle’ for viral evolution. Trained on data from before the pandemic, it predicted frequent mutations and troubling variants for COVID-19, while also generating a list of future variants. And not just COVID-19, it can also accurately predict variants for flu viruses, HIV, and two understudied viruses that can spark future pandemics.

28 countries sign the Bletchley Declaration on AI Safety

Held in Buckinghamshire, UK, the AI Safety Summit brought together representatives from 28 countries, including the US, UK, and China to consider the risks of AI at the frontier of development and discuss how these risks can be mitigated through a united, global effort.

With research and development gathering pace in the field of Artificial Intelligence, expect even more innovations in the coming times. So, keep an eye out for this space, and we will bring you all the news that catches our attention!

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