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Our website underwent a refreshing spring cleaning! It is our constant endeavor to create a seamless browsing experience, and we believe our new website provides exactly that and more. Improved speeds and relevant information with just a few clicks was our top priority, and we’re happy to have delivered. Apart from a seamless new design, here are a few things you can quickly explore.

Let’s take you on a quick website tour:

Our product consists of three distinct AI models: Targeting AI,  Creative AI, and Performance AI – each powering a distinct part in performance marketing. Our new website provides a deeper look into how each model works individually, and together, to deliver guaranteed performance and efficiency uplifts. Whether you’re on a performance team, creative team, or agency, we’ve got you covered with solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Handpicked site-stops:

Case Studies: A refreshing section that helps you discover how customers have been taking advantage of our products, and seeing incredible results.  Our case studies unpack the inner workings of their success, showcasing the tangible results they achieved with our platform.

The Pixis Blog: A treasure trove of information about AI, marketing, data analysis, and business growth. With a new release every week, our expert team shares insights, tips, and industry news to help you stay on top of your knowledge game.

Growth Caffeine – The Pixis Podcast: Tune in to The Pixis Podcast for engaging conversations and thought-provoking insights from business experts. From scaling growth to navigating challenges, our podcast provides practical advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

The Pixis Newsroom: From the latest product releases to company updates, press releases, and our leaders’ opinions about tech and more, our newsroom is your one-stop shop for all things Pixis!

Upcoming events: Head to this page to check if our team will be present at the events you’re scheduled to attend this year. You can stay updated with events we attend as well as the ones we organize by checking in to our events page often.

Careers: Do you find yourself liking the work that we do and would like to join us? The careers page is here for you to reach out and take your first step!

The AI Savings Calculator: A new feature that we’re particularly excited about is the AI savings calculator. This tool allows you to calculate potential savings you can experience for your industry, by deploying Pixis’ AI infrastructure.

A little something about us:

Pixis is a tech company that develops accessible AI technology, helping brands scale all aspects of their marketing and augment their decision-making in a world of infinitely complex consumer behavior. The company’s codeless AI infrastructure delivers over 120+ proprietary AI models that provide marketers with robust plug-and-play AI products without having to write a single line of code.

Our Codeless AI Systems

Targeting AI: Helps you improve your targeting strategies with relevant user personas based on conversion patterns, habits, engagement, and contextual insights. Integrate seamlessly with your CRM, attribution platforms, and website analytics.

Creative AI: Our Creative AI capabilities, consisting of Ad Copies Recommendation, Image + Video Text Recommendation, and Creative Insights, enable businesses to create more effective and engaging ad content. Also, we’re thrilled to offer Pixis AI Studio, which allows businesses to generate and publish ultra-realistic product videos and animate photorealistic digital humans.

Performance AI: Utilize our Performance AI’s features to intelligently make marketing decisions by learning from historical campaign data, trends, attribution, analytics, and live performance data, and continuously adjusting strategies in real-time.

Pixis’ distributed team of 300+ is focused on building incredibly transformative AI products to help customers get the most out of their marketing and demand generation efforts.

If you’re ready to take your marketing performance to the next level, we invite you to try out Pixis AI today. Book your free demo now. 

How AI-led marketing can help you hit your goals?

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