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Be a part of the AI revolution

Home to innovators, challengers, and phenomenal team players! We are a group of a talented and enthusiastic professionals who strive to make history every single day. If this sounds like you - come join us!

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Our future awaits you

At Pixis, we are bold, passionate, ambitious, and fearless to a fault. We believe everyone has potential far beyond their own imagination, and the right environment is all it takes to unleash that potential. So, come join the right environment. Join Pixis.

We are looking for people who aren’t afraid to fail, learn and scale fast. Our AI products are helping shape the future of marketing and if that is a prospect that excites you, then we want you!

Pixis Ethos

Values we hold dear to us

We instill ownership of not just outcomes but of the very coffee tables where the AI revolution is coming alive. Our inclusive work culture ensures that everyone, irrespective of their role, age or seniority is valued equally.

Nothing is
Fail Fast to
Learn Fast
Zero Hierarchy,
Everybody’s Equal
Team Above
Everything Else
Disagree if You
Feedback Builds Better Products

At Pixis we fail, learn, evolve - we’re seldom the same people we were yesterday. And that’s greatly comforting because that means we’re growing.

Shubham A. Mishra
Co-founder & Global CEO

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A home to one and all

We celebrate diversity and are committed to building a culture where everyone - irrespective of who you are, where you come from, and what you do - is recognized for their contributions and efforts. We take pride in every one of our employees and are extremely proud of having built a community that supports, encourages and cheers each other on.

Level up your career with Pixis

Whether you are a domain expert, an industry veteran, or a young intern with dreams a galore, there’s a definitely place for everyone here.

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