How to Set Your Brand Up for Cross-Platform Success

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Every brand desires to leave an indelible mark in its cross-platform marketing efforts, yet many falter in the attempt to achieve success. The rise of platforms like Meta, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter has ushered in a new challenge for brands. While these platforms offer unprecedented access to diverse audiences, they also pose a conundrum: how to effectively reach these audiences without overwhelming them. Brands now grapple with the task of identifying where their audience primarily engages, ensuring their approach is both impactful and respectful.

The challenge lies not just in reaching the audience, but in doing so without overstepping. Over-targeting, marked by repetitive exposure across channels, can risk audience alienation, while under-targeting could result in missed opportunities. The fine line involves ensuring optimal visibility without redundancy and making every ad spend count by preventing wasteful outreach to already converted customers. Essentially, it’s a dance of strategic balance where each step should lead to meaningful audience engagement.

That’s where the power of AI-powered cross-platform marketing really comes into play.

Building Cross-Platform Performance Marketing Efficiency with AI

Cross-platform performance marketing requires a publisher-agnostic approach where the goal is to set each platform up for success and move budgets around based on the performance of each platform and campaign. This is a task custom-made for AI tools that can be deployed across all platforms and behave in an unbiased manner to ensure your brand makes the most of each marketing dollar.

By beginning with analyzing your brand’s performance history, AI crafts strategies that smartly distribute resources, and connect with the ideal audience through highly resonant creatives across diverse platforms. This ensures you can easily pinpoint and harness the most beneficial advertising routes. The real winner is the fact that AI learns in real-time leading to it dynamically adjusting spending based on new success markers. This means your brand maintains alignment with evolving digital objectives, audience interactions, and creative thrusts. With these innovations at your disposal, you can expand your budgets and channel your energies toward vital strategic pursuits. Let’s delve into some more of these features:

Cross-Platform Budget Redistribution

The first step to effective cross-platform marketing is understanding where your money goes. Distributing your budget correctly ensures that each platform is leveraged to its full potential. For example, Pixis’ CPBR system doesn’t just evenly spread out the budget; it strategically places it where brands are most likely to see optimal results. This approach recognizes the inherent differences between platforms: while some might be powerhouses for brand visibility, others could be conversion goldmines. By strategically redistributing budgets, you can not only ensure optimal resource utilization, yielding a higher ROI but also maintain the agility to adapt in a swiftly changing digital environment. Such nimbleness is crucial, given the fluid nature of audience preferences, evolving platform algorithms, and shifting industry trends.

Furthermore, this nuanced budgetary approach facilitates a more holistic engagement strategy. Different audience segments might gravitate towards different platforms; hence, a smart budgetary distribution ensures comprehensive outreach, spanning loyal enthusiasts on one platform to potential new fans on another. In essence, cross-platform budget redistribution, when driven by AI, transforms a brand’s financial blueprint from mere expenditure to strategic investment, each dollar meticulously placed to generate maximum impact.

Creative Rotation: The Antidote to Ad Fatigue

One might wonder, is just budgeting enough? The truth is, even with the right budget, if the audience keeps seeing the same content, it’s bound to lead to fatigue. There are some solutions to us. Our AI addresses this with our Creative Rotation feature. It allows brands to systematically update content using real-time performance data, ensuring consistent audience engagement and maintaining their responsiveness. You can then measure the effectiveness of your content strategies through our metrics like Fatigue Rate, Cost Per Response (CPR), and Engagement Metrics.

Achieve cross-platform success with AI.

Budget & Bid Optimization: An Affair of Precision and Strategy

But where do you draw the line between spending too much and spending too little? Pixis’ AI-powered bid optimization feature offers a balanced approach. By recommending optimal budgets and bids, it ensures that every penny spent aligns with the brand’s overarching goals, optimizing for both cost and scalability.

Deciphering Data with Cross-Platform Reporting

Knowledge is power, and in the world of cross-platform marketing, that knowledge comes from data. Our unified Cross-Platform Reporting Dashboard presents a clear picture of a brand’s performance across different platforms.

ICP Recommendations: A finely-tuned, AI-driven system that offers target profiles based on diverse metrics like interests, demographics, and behavior.

Keyword Recommendations: Offering a two-fold approach with “exploit” keywords for immediate traction and “explore” keywords for potential opportunities.

Audience Segments: A nuanced understanding of audiences with segments tailored for Google Ads, tapping into in-market metrics, affinity categories, and life events.

With tools like Competitor Gap Analysis, brands can remain one step ahead, understanding and filling the gaps that competitors might exploit, and thus achieve cross-platform success.

Conclusion: Embarking on the Cross-Platform Odyssey

In essence, the journey of cross-platform marketing is akin to a meticulously planned odyssey. It’s a voyage where every move, every strategy, and every penny spent must resonate with the brand’s ethos.

As we stand at the cusp of a digital revolution, Pixis invites brands to be a part of this transformative journey, ensuring that their mark remains not just visible, but unforgettable. With the right tools, insights, and expertise, every brand can harness its unparalleled potential, and craft cross-platform success stories that stand the test of time.

How AI-led marketing can help you hit your goals?

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